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A Podcast By Bert, Lo, And Shake You can look to End Of Regulation for whats going on in the state, whats going on on the court, and whats going on in the world. From Tipoff til the clock hits zero the guys keep the audience laughing while providing interesting insight from the perspectives of three young men from the Garden State. Social Media by Rashawn Miles, Engineered by Rose Productions, And Visuals By The Visual Hub

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Jesus Had A Coochie

    #EORBoyz !!!!! Tap In with this weeks new heat, the guys came with somewhat of a serious vibe this week ! Still stayed the course tho, gave some insight on the need for therapy, ESPECIALLY in the black community and amongst black men. TJ's Roc Nation Brunch Occured, nuff said. ...


  2. Fuh-Ditted

    "Lemme Punch That Shit" #EORBOYz. Week 10. 10th Episode.. the fellas are joined by resident jersey club dancer and friend of the show Lenny Hughes. Bro hopped in with the guys this week and made himself right at home. Lo literally was Optimus for the beginning of the Pod. Shake ...


  3. Lots Of Neck

    Another week and them #EORBoyz back with more heat.. We found out who on the pod might be a cheap nigga, they gave opinions on the Kevin Samuels/ Dr Umar fiasco, and Shake had an encounter with an intersting neighbor. Shoutout to Lo on his new promotion and all ...


  4. Word To Dolph

    We callin' it the Kobe episode out of respect to one of the greastest to ever do it. The #EORBoyz are back with more heat, touching on everything from this past weeks shenanigans at SOBE for Ivan's birthday. We discover how we got german listeners, and ALSO theres a nice ...


  5. MILKEDShake (Ft. Zig Luve)

    #EORBoyz. Episode 7. The guys tap in with recording artist and friend of the show Zig Luve and get some insight on his newest project "Luve & Drugs". They talk sports for a bit, we get some interesting tales from the vegas trip Shake just took for his birthday, and ...