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A Podcast By Bert, Lo, And Shake You can look to End Of Regulation for whats going on in the state, whats going on on the court, and whats going on in the world. From Tipoff til the clock hits zero the guys keep the audience laughing while providing interesting insight from the perspectives of three young men from the Garden State. Social Media by Rashawn Miles, Engineered by Rose Productions, And Visuals By The Visual Hub

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Latest Episodes…

  1. The Gang's all here

    Episode 41 is here, gift wrappers and ready for your ears.. we had a full house this week. The pod was whole for the first time in a while as even Shiesty Mild stopped by as we had an earlier than usual recording session. Big happy birthday to our brother ...


  2. Who's counting Anyway?

    We lied when we said it was episode 40 last week, so we gone pretend it say 39 and keep it pushin ! Episode 40 of EOR is here. Bert is back in the building, Lotion Yall fuckin hands and knees because it’s cold outside. The gang got together as ...


  3. Moddy Cones

    We been dropping 40+ All 2020 and now dropping episode 40 on y’all head… Happy New Year Yall, We Appreciate y’all for rocking with us…. NOW, strap the fuck in because from start to finish this is exactly why you guys come here. Bert will be back next week so ...


  4. May Tricks

    2021 Is coming to an end so it’s only right that the fellas get together One last time to close it out. Episode 38 was more of the usual heat that you listen for, however the fellas were a lot more reflective. Rosé especially is probably reflecting on ...


  5. Stay In Ya Spaces

    Episode 37 End of Regulation Podcast, Shake Is Here, Lo Is Here, Bert Is Here, Rosé, Drago, Shawn Is Here… And So Is The TL ? *Joe Budden Voice* …. We threw a space on Twitter in light of Covid numbers going up, had to to do a bit of ...