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A Podcast By Bert, Lo, And Shake You can look to End Of Regulation for whats going on in the state, whats going on on the court, and whats going on in the world. From Tipoff til the clock hits zero the guys keep the audience laughing while providing interesting insight from the perspectives of three young men from the Garden State. Social Media by Rashawn Miles, Engineered by Rose Productions, And Visuals By The Visual Hub

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Shyt Luve

    Yerrrrrr !! It’s Been men’s mental health month and we ain’t really talk about it much on the Podcast so we just wanna take the time to reach out to all the male listeners and say we stand with you on your journey, and salute all those that are trying ...


  2. Thanksgiving special FT. Lennesy Black

    YERRRRR BIG RIP to Kobe Bryant, and shoutouts to the legend Patrick Ewing.. EOR Aint land on Yall, Y’all Landed on EOR it’s Episode 33 Ladies and Gentlemen. Right before the holiday the EOR family linked up with Lennessy Black to talk shop. We not gone get too much into ...


  3. Chicken Led To Beef

    YERRRRRRRR Epidode 32 right here for ya headtop ! The fellas tapped in this week after a week off and brought the heat like usual. We spoke on the new Colin Kaepernick documentary and it provided some insight on why he took the stance that he did in the League. ...


  4. Shiesty Hernandez

    Episode 31. End Of Regulation Podcast... The #EORBOYz are back in full effect with this weeks episode as they return from a 2 week "Hiatus". You know we had to talk about Halloween costumes to show some holiday spirit, some of the podcast dressed up, others were being themselves. There ...


  5. Issa Clock On The Stove

    YERRRRRRR !! In the name of Iloheem we back with episode 30 for ya headtop, the fellas came to the mic this week bringing the heat like you've become so accustomed to by now. There was some conversation about the double standards faced by people in the media. More good ...